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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Wired News editor turns up 744 sex offenders on MySpace

"Five months ago, Wired News senior editor and former hacker Kevin Poulsen whipped up 1,000 lines of computer code that scoured MySpace’s 1 million plus profiles for 385,932 registered sex offenders in 46 states.

The code turned up many false or unverifiable matches. Poulsen worked part-time for several months sifting the data and manually comparing photographs, ages and other data. In all, he was able to confirm 744 sex offenders with MySpace profiles. Of those, 497 are registered for sex crimes against children. Of these, six are listed as repeat offenders.

MySpace told Poulsen that it would like to ban sex offenders from the site but is waiting for new laws that would make it easier for them to do so. The company is lobbying Congress for legislation that would require sex offenders to register their e-mail addresses with a central database.

Wired News will publish the code Poulsen used under an open-source license later this week."

Read the complete story here


Anonymous Catch Up Lady said...

I saw this article, shocking. I hope that this, combined with shows like Datelines To Catch a Predator series continue to be eyeopeners for parents in terms of keeping track of their kids online! (And for kids in terms of keeping themselves safe!) This sting made me think of Cybertipline, where you can report anything suspicious you see online involving predators, I have it bookmarked - good resource if you haven't heard of it before. -Catch Up Lady (Ann Arbor native!) :D

2:26 PM  

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