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Monday, October 09, 2006 face Recognition

So the guys over at have a neat free face recognition program where you upload a photo of yourself and it scans it's database and show you matches that look like you. I did this and had a collage made to post below.

Now a couple of these I guess I can see a little resemblance, and the nod to Iron Maidens drummer Nicko Mcbrain is pretty cool. Hell, I don't even mind the Madonna reference....But GW?


I mean, throw a picture of a monkeys ass up there and I'd be less offended.........oh wait.........they did.

My bad.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Myheritage is a scam. It's an Israel-based company seeking names, faces, and passwords not for good. I was fooled too. It just got my image (a few of them), along with my password, email address, name, etc.

3:26 PM  

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